Between 2014-2015, SlimFast was facing steep sales loss; the company saw double-digit declines over 10 years. Deemed “your momma’s diet drink,” we set out to change consumer’s perception. The task — campaigns over 3 years and immediate results in just over 2 months after launch — brought the joy of losing weight to life. To launch, we showed how SlimFast fit easily into their lives with “It’s Your Thing.” From there, Advanced Nutrition launched with new skews and form factors: high protein, more fiber, and less sugar. Then came Advanced Energy, with as much caffeine as a cup of coffee. Followed by BakeShop, for meal replacement cookies and bars. With dozens of real life Before & Afters in between – “Yes I Did” — we never stopped showing the vibrancy and joy people felt when they lost the weight. SlimFast is no longer your momma’s diet brand.

Role: Senior Art Director (TV, print, social, web, POS, digital content)

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